Real Waikiki Lanais

News Flash: Bill 89 Changes Everything

Waikiki Lanais is a 160-unit condominium in the Apartment Precinct of the Waikiki Special District. It has always been designated as a “multifamily dwelling” (MFD). Short-term rentals (STRs) under 30 days are not permitted in MFDs in the Apartment Precinct unless they have a nonconforming use certificate (NUC) issued by the Department of Planning and Permitting.

No one at Waikiki Lanais has a NUC, yet there are multiple units being advertised as vacation rentals for under 30 days.

A newly-elected, STR-friendly Board of Directors (six of whom advertise illegal STRs) has removed all information about STRs from the Waikiki Lanais website, taken down all relevant posts in the building, and refused to mail information from the Department of Planning and Permitting to owners. This website is now the only source of valid information about the legality of STRs at Waikiki Lanais.

This site serves as an information sharing and organization point for owners who are fighting back against illegal STRs in our building. Check out the FAQ for the whole story, then take action! Thank you for caring about Waikiki Lanais.

Here is a map showing the zoning precints of the Waikiki Special District and the location of Waikiki Lanais:

Waikiki Lanais is in the Apartment Precinct.